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18-Year-Old Mother Was Found Dead Inside a Running Car in Sanford, Suspects Remain At Large

18-year-old mother
18-year-old mother was found dead inside her car. (Photo: ACCESS)

Sanford police officers are still searching for the suspects who shot and killed an 18-year-old mother who was found dead inside her car.

18-year-old mother

18-year-old mother was found dead inside her car. (Photo: ACCESS)

18-Year-Old Mother Was Found Dead Inside Her Car

A Sanford Police officer was patrolling the area of Coastline Park at 900 West 9th Street when saw something suspicious. The officer found a vehicle that appeared to be running in a parking spot.

The Police officer said, “As the officer approached the vehicle, they located a white female, later identified as Kaylin Fiengo, in the driver’s seat of the vehicle, dead from an apparent gunshot wound.”

During the investigation, it was found that the 18-year-old mother was in the area to visit a person she knew. However, the reason and motive why she was shot inside her car are still under investigation. The Police officers said that the shooting appears to be an isolated case.

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Police Chief Released a Statement

In a published article in FOX 35 Orlando, Police Chief Cecil Smith stated, “The senselessness of this type of violence is infuriating. Kaylin was a young mother who had her whole life ahead of her. This violence and destruction won’t be tolerated in our community. I am confident that our residents will work with us to find the person responsible for Kaylin’s death.”

The Police Department also asked everyone with information about the shooting incident involving an 18-year-old mother to call Sanford Police Department or Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS or visit They assure that the identities of those who will call will remain anonymous.

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