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$1,631 Social Security Check Will Be Sent To Millions of Americans 11 Days From Now, Here’s What You Should Know

Social Security Income
Millions of Americans will receive $1,631 Social Security Income 11 days from now. (Photo: MARCA)

Millions of Americans are about to receive an amount of $1,631 Social Security Check 11 days from now or on December 14.

Social Security Income

Millions of Americans will receive $1,631 Social Security Income 11 days from now. (Photo: MARCA)

Social Security Check

Social Security recipients with birth dates between January 1 and October 10 will receive their regular payments on December 14, while those with birth dates between January 11 and December 31 will receive their monthly checks later in the month.

Regular Social Security benefits are based on lifetime earnings and are not subject to resource or income restrictions. According to the Social Security Administration, as of October, the typical pension for pensioners was around $1,631, Washington Examiner reports.

On December 30, qualified recipients will get SSI payments. Beneficiaries get their monthly retirement payments in three waves, each of which happens on a Wednesday. The beneficiaries’ birth dates are used to split the payment waves.

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Other Payments

The Social Security Income payments are different from Supplemtal payments. The SSI is a federal payment and is mandated by law while the Supplemental payments are aids given by some states. The amount of Supplemental payments varies on the state where you lived.

Some states know that Social Security income is not enough, it is the reason why they provide Supplemental Payments. Moreover, these payments will help millions of eligible and qualified residents in the country to combat the effect of the pandemic and the increasing inflation rate.

Furthermore, those who are born on the 11th through the 20th of their birth month get their second wave of payments on the third Wednesday of the month. The payment for this month will be delivered to that group on December 21. For individuals who were born on the 21st through the 31st of their birth month, the third wave of checks will be distributed on the fourth Wednesday of this month, Dec. 28.

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