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$15,000 Prize from Jackson Hewitt Awaits if You File Your Taxes Early

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It’s never too early to file your tax returns. To reiterate that point, tax attorneys provide an incentive to do so.

On Monday, accountant Jackson Hewitt launched a weekly “double his reimbursement” sweepstakes through April 2nd.

To mark his 40th anniversary, Jackson Hewitt will award his 40 Grand Prix winners a “Double Tax Refund” prize equal to the winner’s federal tax refund amount. The maximum prize is $15,000 and the minimum prize is $1,500. Plus, 40 random winners each week will win $400.

You can qualify for the sweepstakes by filing taxes with Jackson Hewitt. Also, if you do not file a tax return with Jackson Hewitt, you may submit your entry on Monday, following the week in which your federal tax return was filed during the Sweepstakes Period, and yes, those earnings must be reported and taxed, but not until next year’s tax season, says Mark Steever, chief tax officer at Jackson Hewitt.

Tax deadline for 2023:

When can I file my electronic tax tax return? When will the IRS Free File open?Mega Million Winners:
What his $940 million jackpot winner on Mega Millions should do.

In the meantime, Americans should try to file this year’s taxes as soon as possible to secure their refund. The IRS announced on Thursday that it will begin processing tax returns on January 23, but file now to confirm that you are one of the IRS’ first processes and entry into the Jackson Hewitt Sweepstakes.

“For most Americans, the tax refund is the biggest payday of the year,” says Steever. “Most people he gets more than $3,000.”

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When can I file my 2023 taxes and why should I file sooner?

Today is a good time to prepare his tax returns and file them with the IRS. Please note that it will not be processed until the IRS officially kicks off the tax season on January 23rd.