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$1,500 Paycheck for Residents in New Jersey from ANCHOR Program is Now Open for Applications!

$1,500 Payment
$1,500 Payment will be sent to the residents in New Jersey. (Photo: CNET)

New Jersey residents’ deadline for applications will be at the end of the month, this will support them thru cash this year.

$1,500 Payment

$1,500 Payment will be sent to the residents in New Jersey. (Photo: CNET)

The ANCHOR, also known as the Affordable New Jersey Communities for Homeowners and Renters program is now open for applications from homeowners until the 31st of January in the Garden State. $1,500 amount of money will be given to homeowners if their yearly income is less than or equal to $150,000. $1,000 if their yearly income is more than $150,000, as attested by the New Jersey Department of Taxation.

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Renters’ Side of The Program

Renters will also take part in this program; however, they will be given much lesser paycheck than the homeowners. Each and every renter who has applied for this program will receive a paycheck amounting to $450, though it is not necessary for them to have an income of $150,000 or less yearly.

ANCHOR ID and PIN will be needed if you want to apply for the program. You will use the ACHOR ID and PIN for applications via phone or by ringing 877-658-2972.

Residents who have applied can also have a hardcopy of the application from the internet and send it as a mail with any required documents.

The Department of Taxation suggests that renters should apply online because there is no phone choice for renters to utilize for them to apply for this program, and they also weren’t given any ID nor PIN.

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