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You Could Be in Line for Another $1,400 Stimulus Check If You Pass This Criteria


Citizens in the United States who have yet to get their third stimulus check may receive it in the coming months. If you believe you are qualified for the list, double-check that you have submitted all of your articles.

If you have a newborn in 2021, you might be eligible for a $1,400 stimulus check. Every child born in 2021 receives the same amount from the EIP. The data for 2020 were startling at 3.61 million, but the figures for 2021 have yet to be released.

YIn the income tax returns for 2021 to be filed in 2022, you should claim the kid born or adopted in 2021 as an eligible dependent. Parents who are eligible must additionally examine their income in 2021.

Per Digital Market News, individuals with an annual income of $75,000 or less will get the entire $1,400 stimulus payment. For 2021, the income threshold for married couples filing jointly is $150.000.
After passing that threshold, the stimulus check amount will gradually decrease. Individual filers will lose eligibility when their income exceeds $80,000, and married couples filing jointly will lose eligibility when their income exceeds $160,000.

The fourth stimulus check is still unlikely

While some may still be hoping for another stimulus check in the face of rising inflation, which has many Americans worried about how they will be able to afford basic necessities, they may have to give up hope, as a startling new statistic about previous stimulus checks has emerged, which could make the government hesitant to issue more, no matter how badly the average American feels it is needed.

An increase in opioid-related overdoses can be linked to the distribution of federal stimulus monies, according to a report by the Ohio Attorney General’s Center for the Future of Forensic Science, with more individuals in Ohio dying from opioid overdoses at the highest level in a decade. Between April 2020 and April 2021, 100,000 fatalities were reported, a 28 percent increase above the 78,085 deaths reported between April 2019 and April 2020, as per the IBT.

This isn’t the first time stimulus checks have been linked to negative consequences; in December, experts warned that soaring inflation could be linked to the checks, with Riley Adams, a licensed CPA and financial analyst for Google, claiming that the checks are the direct cause of the inflation spike.

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